Space as performer

Time, movement, appearance, disappearance, proximity and distance. These are words, which may be attached to the practice of the artist duo AVPD. The works are stretched between the constellation of subject, object and context and includes installations and art pieces, which through a minimal and conceptual approach take upon quasi-scientific and phenomenological studies of how we experience the world and how we are influenced by the world.

AVPDs practice promises a conscious orientation towards the viewer, alternately invited inside and challenged by the work; alternately guided and misled. In the works of AVPD the identification often becomes misidentification, when the viewers orientation is disturbed by the spatial transformations in the art pieces. When reality is displaced and recognizable materials create unrecognizable spaces. The spaces ‘act’ as they form and influence the walk and movement of the viewer. The spaces conduct a performative situation that the viewer must perform in.

The performative space is a space that presents rather than represents. It is comparable to an utterance, which meaning is the act it predicts: To go through space, to get lost, to feel big or small, to see and be seen. If one would ask what the works of AVPD mean we must find the answer in what the works do. In the situation they create. In the thinking they generate. The works of AVPD write themselves into a situational aesthetics in which both the work and the viewer must be considered as equal performers.

AVPD was initiated in 1997.