AVPD was initiated in 1997. AVPD works within an interdisciplinary field where we unite knowledge from fine arts, architecture, science and the humanities. At this point we have our main focus on the perceptual relation between man and space.

Our discourse and physical work is very influenced by Sci Fi and first shooter computer games which take place in virtual 3-dimensional environments. These fictional domains turn out to be a strange kind of laboratories where there is a unique interest in creating new extraordinary constellations between space and man.

These space-body phenomenons are normally fixed in the domain of fiction but our artistic approach is to draw these fictive spatial experiments into a physical reality with the human as an experimental/experiencing object, left to experience a yet unknown space.

We define our spatial works as meta-architectures where the normal perception of the spectator is challenged and displaced and a new experience of space is made possible. In our works, we try to rethink the triangular constellation of the subject, the object and the context. We are interested in how spatial constructions effect the perception of the spectator and how she/he grasps the space in a cognitive, emotional and intellectual way.

Our domain is reality and our artistic praxis is a spatial laboratory.

Copenhagen, February 2007