YEAR : 2008
EXHIBITION : Transmissions, solo show, SSamzie Space, Seoul, KR
MEASURES : 800 x 270 x 7 cm
MATERIALS : MDF-boards, laths, wooden fillets, screws, automatic door closer system, sensors, cables, paint

Gate is a moveable wall/gate that seals off the western entrance to the SSamzie Space. Sensors are mounted to detect the direction of people moving towards the gate. The movement of the gate results in an opening in either end of the wall piece at position A or B (See project layout). The starting position of the gate is B leaving a one meter opening at A allowing a gaze into the lobby area of SSamzie Space. The shortest way to pass from the courtyard into SSamzie Space is through the opening at position A.

When a person approaches the gate at position A the gate will close at this point leaving an opening in the opposite end. The person can then pass through the new opening at position B. Gate functions as an inverted sliding door, it obstructs instead of facilitating the human movement through the opening. The gate return to its starting position after 10 seconds at position A

The work deals with our anticipation of a specific upcoming event and the relational situation that defines it. In the this case the actual event and relational play is shifted from what's expected. By creating a wall/gate object with an inverted operation the work functions as an activator of the awareness of the subject in relation to the architecture and brings the relational hierarchy between subject, object and context into play.
Film footage of explaining the functionallity of the Gate / duration 65 sec.

Layout of the the installation of Gate in the crossing between the external courtyard and the roofed lobby area at 1st floor

External overview of Gate
External installation view
Internal installation view
AVPD © Copyright 2008 / Photography and movie by AVPD © Copyright 2008