Hallingdal Sekvens Random

YEAR : 2017
MEASURES : 1,3 x 3000 m
MATERIALS : Custom made textile design in collaboration with Kvadrat A/S
TYPE : Permanent design commission
Download work documentation in pdf format: AVPD_HallingdalSekvensRandom_2018.pdf / 17 mb

Hallingdal Sekvens Random is a custom made upholstery for the seats in the Aarhus Letbane lightrail trains.The upholstery design is based on KVADRAT’s iconic textile Hallingdal - originally designed by Nanna Ditzel in 1965 - translating the concept of time into a unique mutable sequence
for each seat of the train.

The textile design consists of a 33 meter long sequence without repeats. A gray-blue base colour
forms the background. Three types of horizontal lines, consisting of single-threaded black lines, dou- ble-threaded black lines and single-threaded white lines divide with significant expression against the gray-blue background.

The punctured lines also point down to the basic component of the woven fabric: the thread.
The textile design Hallingdal Sequence Random is based on time as a concept and phenomenon. The journey is de ned and shaped by time. The train, the rails, the journey, the passengers, represent time. The train moves in time, on an organized line. Travel time is not absolute, but shifting. Weather, passengers and technology come into play. The passengers are like a tide flooding and draining the trains. Every mo- ment is in motion. The essence of every journey is time.


Train interior

Seats with Hallingdal Sekvens Random upholstery




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