Stalker X

YEAR : 2021
TYPE: Installation / Commission
DIMENSIONS: 1000 x 900 x 400 cm
MATERIALS : MDF, laths, acustic panels, carpet, paint, mirrors, 2-way mirrors, neontubes
EXHIBITION : Piranesi - Vision and Veracity
SITE : SMK / National Gallery of Denmark, Copenhagen, DK

DOWNLOAD PDF : AVPD_StalkerX_2021.pdf / 1,5 mb

The spatial installation Stalker X is a contemporary con-ribution to the exhibtion Piranesi – Vision and Veracity on view in the National Gallery of Denmark / SMK from 4 November 2021 until 27 February 2022.

Stalker X’ is manifested in a sequence of four uniform interconnected corridors. Two mirrors and two two-way mirrors installed diagonally in each corner of the corridor trigger an endless 360-degree reflected repetition of the four corridors. The construction creates a spatial paradox for the people entering the space: visually, you navigate by looking into an endless straight corridor, but physically your body encounters an endless circular structure.

The analogue virtuality of the mirror challenges the mate- riality of the spatial reality, creating a situation where vie- wers see themselves far away in the corridor as an obje- ct of their own gaze, a new view where one sees oneself from behind, thus becoming one’s own stalker.

The work can be installed in two ways, either as a part of an exhibtion architecture or as an autonomous work.


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