The Ring

YEAR : 2012
EXHIBITION : Illuminations, group show, QUAD Gallery, Derby, UK, 2012
MEASURES : 130 x 130 x 130 cm
MATERIALS : Plywood frame, wooden fillets, PVC-boards, acrylic boards, neon tubes, fittings, formers, cables, sockets, screws, computer, converters, glass mirrors, aluminium profiles

A quarter of a cylinder is suspended in the corner of the room. 24 neon tubes are vertically fixed to the convex inner side of the cylinder. The neon tubes are gradually dimmed each days of the exhibition period, from extremely high light intensities towards being switched of on the last day. People can enter the innerspace of the quarter cylinder by passing under the cylinder element.
Inside, two mirrors on opposite sides of the corner create a virtual space. The quarter of the cylinder now appears as one complete cylinder while the people quadruple.The Ring expands reality with a virtual space. As the work continuously transforms through the changing light intensities, it demands the audience to come back and discusses how we perceive and remember space and time.

Installation view

View inside the quarter circle

View inside the work with mirror reflections

Layout of the work

Section drawing of the work

View inside the work with mirror reflections

View inside the work with mirror refelctions

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