Timelight II

YEAR : 2021
TYPE: Installation / commission
DIMENSIONS: 157,6 cm x 384 cm x 7,5 cm
MATERIALS : Daylight neon tubes, stainless steel modules, dimmers, cables, computer, light sensor, custom made daylight-software
EXHIBITION : Light & Space, Copenhagen Contemporary, Copenhagen, DK, 2021

DOWNLOAD PDF : AVPD_Timelight2_2021.pdf / 23,2 MB

The idea of Timelight II is to create a 9 hours time difference in the Gallery of Copenhagen Contemporary meaning that the gallery space will be illuminated by the exact same daylight which is present in Los Angeles cen- ter, California, at the exact same time.

The work consists of 4 stainless steel modules which is installed on the wall. Together they create a 157,6 x 384 cm horizontal rectangular field. 64 neon tubes in different daylight nuances are mounted on the front of the cassettes. In specific combinations and intensities they can create all daylight tones from warm orange white to cold blue white.

A sensor is situated in Los Angeles. It continuously transmits the daylight color and intensity through the internet to a computer in Denmark which dimes and mixes the neon tubes on the wall to recreate the daylight in Los Angeles. This manifest itself in an abnormal light situation: when the exhibition opens at 11 am (Danish time) the space will be completely dark, around 15:00 PM (Danish time) the light modules begin to stream the sunset in Los Angeles, when the exhibition closes at 6 PM (Danish time) the light level will be close to it’s maximum. Through the transportation of light a shift of time and space is created. The Gallery is turned into a time pocket, which is 9 hours behind Danish time (GMT+1hr) but totally in sync with California time (GMT- 8hr).


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