YEAR : 2010
EXHIBITION: Solo show, IKON Gallery, Birmingham, UK, 2010
MEASURES : approx. 88 x 74 x 36 cm
MATERIALS : 113 sheets of 3 mm transparent window glass, wooden fillets, screws, paint

A number of transparent glass sheets are mounted in front of a window until the light is completely blocked out. For the window at the IKON entrance it results in 113 sheets of 3 mm transparent glass which are fixated in layers from the inside of the window frame. Each sheet of glass that is added results in a small amount of light loss.The glass that normally allows for light to be transmitted into the building deconstructs itself through the layering and makes the glass go from being a light transmitter to being a light obstructer.

In the multiple layering of the transparent glass a special visual phenomenon is created. It’s transparent and non-transparent at the same time, temporal in the sense that it changes its color and amount of mirroring depended on the changing of the light on either side of the glass. Furthermore it creates a visual situation when you look at the mirrored image in the glass layers it only allows you to see close things in focus while things further away are blurred.
Interior view of the work with the oposite window reflected in the glasses.
Exterior views of the window.
Section of the window with layered glass fixed against the existing window.
Interior view
AVPD © Copyright 2010 / Photography by Stuart Whipps and AVPD © Copyright 2010