YEAR : 2008
EXHIBITION : Transmissions, solo show, SSamzie Space, Seoul, KR
MEASURES : 430 x 80 x 194 cm (each corrdior)
MATERIALS : MDF-boards, laths, screws, glass mirror, neon tubes and fixtures, cables, carpet, curtains

The work consists of two connected corridors positioned perpendicularly to each other. Floor, walls and ceiling inside the corridors are covered with the same carpet used to cover the floors in the Staircase. The corridors are illuminated by neon tubes. Each end of the corridors are closed by a curtain and where the corridors join a mirror is mounted in a 45 degrees angle from wall to wall and floor to ceiling.

The subject enters the corridor through the curtain and notices a mirroring of the corridor in which he/she is standing with the exception that in the mirrored corridor there's no subject present. Passing through the corridor the subject experiences the 45 degrees angled mirror, the perpendicular corridor and the virtual extensions which all in all creates 4 identical corridors.
Standing in the end of the perpendicular corridor looking into the mirror another subject enters. The two subjects are faced with a situation where there is a mirroring of the corridor but with another subject present instead of oneself.The object for ones view in the mirror (which is normally oneself) is substituted with an unknown subject which seems to be present where oneself should be present. The work is shortcircuiting our understanding of our presence in time and space, by displacing the visual perception of one self and the other.
(left) A glance into the small connecting hall towards the curtain covering the entrance to the corridors. (right) The subjects view when past through the gray curtain
Layout of the corridor installation in the Project Gallery at 2nd floor
Movements in and out of the installation
Movie clip explaining the mirroring (duration 22 sec.)
AVPD © Copyright 2008 / Photography and movie by AVPD © Copyright 2008