Light Sphere

YEAR : 2016
MEASURES : Total height 8 , wing height 3 m
Steel tube, customized analogue wind kinetic system , LED-light system
EXHIBITION : Commission, Odense Havnebad, Odense, DK
TEAM : AVPD, Ageliki Piligkou, Sine Lindholm, Sidsel Sønderskov, Martin Padalak

The intention of Light Sphere was partly to create a work that could define itself as the aesthetically focal point of the harbour bath and the surrounding context – both during day and night-time – and partly to articulate the prime forces which shapes and define the harbour area: the wind and the sun.

The work consists of four semi-circular wing elements which independently can rotate 360 degrees around a shaft. The wing elements are mounted on top of a 5 meter high pole. The four wing elements are moved solely by the given wind conditions. The wings are constantly changing position thus transforming the shape and appearance of the work.

During daytime on sunny days the sunlight is exposed on the surfaces of the wings creating tonal variations from deep dark grey to overexposed white. LED-strips are embedded in two of the wings creating a kind of electrified artificial version of the daylight conditions during the night-time. The transformation and appearance of the work is in a constant interchange with the surrrounding context.

Installation view (night)

Installation view (night)

Transformation (day)

Close-up (night)

Installation view

Installation view (night)

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