Mit Museum (My Museum)

YEAR : 2010
EXHIBITION : Mit Museum, Kunsten - Museum of Modern Art Aalborg, DK
EXHIBITION TYPE: group show with John Körner and Ruth Campau
WORKS: Broken View, Fade to Black, Transparency Black and Transparency
PERIOD: April 24 - June 20, 2010


Broken View
Fade to Black

Transparency II
Transparency Black

The overall exhibition concept is concerned with rethinking the museum Kunsten – Nordjyllands Kunstmuseum both as an institution as well as an architecture containing artworks, exhibitions and related cultural activities.

The museum is build by Alvar Aalto and is the only museum building he ever realized. The museum was designed in 1958 but was not realized until 1972 creating a big gap in the museum design since it was not designed for containing the extended art forms growing out of the 1960s. It was build around the significance of the light in the experience of the artwork.

Our works for the exhibitions deals with the phenomena light, sight and movement and the derivatives time, space and subjectivity. These are key elements in the spatial experience of architecture as well as art and the center of attention for our contribution to the exhibition.
We’re interested in how we as human beings perceive and understand our self and the world around us. In this specific case the interest is centered around the spatial experience of the museum Kunsten and the very basic sensory and perceptual situations connected to this experience.

Our works are samplings of bits and pieces of the architecture. Sight, light and movement are sampled and rearranged in new constellations and the significance and concept of each bit is displaced and reinterpreted.

The works form performative spaces for the persons at Kunsten to interact with. They’re not sensor driven but sense driven. The interaction is not a physical action-reaction relationship between person and work but a complex relational structure that involves both person, art work and architecture constantly fluctuating between being actor and reactor.
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