Monochrome Volumes

YEAR : 2007
EXHIBITION : New Works, solo show, Kirkhoff, Copenhagen, DK
MEASURES : 70 x 70 x 70 cm
MATERIALS : MDF-boards, HDF-boards, glue, white primer, translucent 3 mm acrylic

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Monochrome Volumes consists of 4 identical cubic wooden boxes fixed side by side to a wall. Each box has a surface measure of 70 x 70 x 70 cm. The bottom, top, and the sides of the surfaces of boxes are painted with a nonreflecting white grounder. The front of each box is sealed with a 3 mm transluscent acrylic sheets. The inside walls of the boxes are covered with white boards on the top, bottom, sides and on the back.
The inner volumes of the boxes are individually set apart because the back board inside each box is fixed in different distances to the front acrylic fronts creating four differentiated inner volumes.
A special phenomena occurs by the use of the translucent acrylic fronts on the boxes with variable inner spaces. The acrylic refracts the light (natural sun light, artificial or a combination) that naturally shines through it, throws it into the inner space of the box as a diffuse light. Not being able to see the inner space of the box, the viewer perceives a reflection of its volume in the acrylic in the form of a two dimensional, vibrant, monochrome spatial surface.
Overall exhibition view
Overall exhibition view
Installation view
The set-up of the inner volumes
Four identical volumes
Marking of the backboards of the inner volumes 1
The effect after the fixture of the translucent acrylic on the fronts
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