Polychrome Volume

YEAR : 2007
EXHIBITION : New Works, solo show, Kirkhoff, Copenhagen, DK
MEASURES : 200 x 300 x 68 cm
MATERIALS : MDF-boards, HDF-boards, fillets, screws, glue, white primer, translucent 3 mm acrylic

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The back wall in the exhibition space at Kirkhoff (see visualization on the foot of this page) is not parallel to the facade of the gallery. This means that the two side walls
that is positioned orthogonal to the facade meets the back wall in an obtuse 102 degree corner angle and in an acute 78 degree corner angle. These displacements in the physical context are the parameters of the definition of Polychrome Volume.
The work manifests it self as a wedge. The front of the wedge is sealed with translucent acrylic glass and creates an inner volume which is narrow in the left side and wide in the right side. The inner volume is covered with white boards on the top, bottom, sides and on the back.
A special phenomena occurs by the use of translucent acrylic on the front of the wedge with a skew inner space. The acrylic refracts the light that naturally shines through it, throws it into the inner space of the box as a diffuse light. Not being able to see the inner space of the box, the viewer perceives a reflection of its volume in the acrylic in the form of a two dimensional, vibrant, polychrome spatial surface fading from a light tone on the left side of the acrylic to a darker tone on the right side
Installation view from the right side
Installation view from the left side
Relation to the context
Layout of the exhibition space with the angles of the walls
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