YEAR : 2006
EXHIBITION : Reality 10,55’ Odense, Brandts, DK
MEASURES : approx. 14 m x 4,5 m x 2,75 m
MATERIALS : Plaster boards, metal laths, screws, light bulbs, cables, computer, software, webcam, projector, screen.
DOWNLOAD : PSS_RV_Loop.pdf / size 1,4 MB

PSS_RV_LOOP is a physical expression of a specific movement repeated 5 times. Each time the person is presented with a basic choice of going either right or left in the corridor system. Going left ending up in a dead end. Going right passing through to the next corridor sequence
which looks excactly like the previous one and again presents the subject with the same choice and the same result. The repetition of movement and space dissolves the definition of time and space. After having moved through five identical corridor sequences the person faces a screen passing right in the fifth corridor sequence. Physically the movement of the person is stopped by the screen but visually the movement continues into the virtual corridor on the screen. Moving reverse through the five corridor sequences and then returning again to the spot where the subject is physically situated. Thus creating a double perception of the same space, an interlacing of reality and virtuality - a realvirtual space.
Combinated entrance to exhibition and PSS_RV_Loop
Layout of movement 1 : The layout illustrates the movement of a spectator in the physical space.
Layout of movement 2 : The layout illustrates the virtual movement projected on a screen.
Interior views
Interior views of the transition from the physical real space and into a simulated extension in the screen projection