YEAR : 2008
EXHIBITION : Visibilitites, solo show, Union Gallery, London, UK
MEASURES : 540 x 540 x 270 cm
MATERIALS : Plasterboards, laths, wooden fillets, screws, doors, door fixture, door closers, extruded acrylic silver mirrors, perspex, paint

Stalker is a installation which unfolds as a segregated sequence of four connected corridors. Inside the installation four huge mirrors are positioned in angles creating an endless 360 degree reflection in each of the four mirrors. The reflections in the four mirrors conflicts with the reflections of a single mirror. Instead of observing one’s mirror image the subject perceive oneself from behind as he/she is a another person, standing behind oneself. The subject consequently observe oneself as another subject. In other words the subject is forced into the role of being the one’s own stalker. Apart from being one’s own observer the mirror reflections forces the subject to observe all other present subjects in the installation and simultaneously being observed by them. The installation becomes a performative space.

Because of the segregation of the corridor system and the uniform aesthetics the mirrors become the only differentiation by which the subject can navigate. The 360° reflection creates an endless repetion of the four corridors. This condition triggers the perception of the subject in such a way that he/she cannot point out where other present subjects in the installation are positioned, which again intensify the perceptive experience of observing and being observed.
Film footage of the movements in the mirror reflections / duration 20 sec.
Film footage of the movements in the mirror reflections / duration 35 sec.
External installation view
External installation view
Layout of the installation
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